Saturday, June 2, 2007

Podcast Watch: Singularity

Technically, Bill DeSmedt's Singularity probably should get classified as an audio book. Professional narration of a novel doesn't quite meet my notion of a podcast. Still, the work is available on as an iTunes compatible or RSS podcast feed. For free too (with a suggested donation).

I started listening to the book on my last trip to Corpus Christi. It worked great. The fast pace and nearly constant excitement made the four hour drive go by in a flash.

The book is science fiction, but think Robert Ludlum meets Michael Crichton. Events hinge on speculative science, but it mostly occurs in the near future (well, the past's near future... the 1990's) with plenty of explosions and fights. It's full of crazy science, but most of it explained so that a layman can follow easily.

There are some anachronisms in the novel. Technology evolved a little differently in our future than what was expected when the book was written. Some of the computer science and hacking stuff seems a little off too. Still, it's worth cutting the book some slack.

And that professional narration? It seems to have been done by the author personally. Color me impressed. The accents and voices are all done quite well -- I swear he sounds like a professional narrator. Link.


Evo Terra said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Bill's book. I wonder; did you find it due to the name of the protagonist?

And yes, Bill has an outstanding voice yet is not a professional narrator. We've been surprised at the level of talent displayed by many of the authors.

Thanks or spreading the word for us.


WindAddict said...

Howdy Evo,

I didn't know about the protagonist's name until I started listening. It feels great to have such nice things said about me though. Everyone should have a turn at the lead role.

I suppose I really chose the book because it had a nifty icon next to the listing on podiobooks. Also, the description reminded me a bit of The Clockwork Atomic Bomb by Dominic Green (featured on

I look forward to shortening my next road trip with another podiobook.

Anonymous said...

John --

Thanks for the kind words, I'm really glad you enjoyed my book.

And, like Evo says, there's lots more where that came from at!


WindAddict said...

Wow. First Evo, now Bill DeSmedt? I feel like I should have said nicer things!

Thanks, both of you, for commenting on my little blog.

I look forward to reading or (even better) listening to Dualism. I'm hoping for more hilarious KGB confusion over the possibility of a vermicelli gun.