Sunday, June 10, 2007

Music: The Killdares at Fado Austin

I took my brother, Dennis, and Greg to Fado Yesterday, their last night in Texas. As a result, we stumbled on a performance by the Celtic rock band The Killdares.

The Killdares consist of a drummer, fiddler, bag piper, electric guitar, and bass guitar. They played a mix of original songs and electric folk rock arrangements of traditional Irish tunes. I don't know if electric folk rock is a real term, but hopefully it conveys what I'm talking about. Real toe-tapping music.

I thought the performance was a terrific way to end a lazy Saturday. I especially enjoyed the interplay between the fiddle and the pipes. The amount of coordination between the two artists really made an exciting performance. It reminded me of the fun I had playing violin in band and orchestra way back. Nothing can quite match the feeling of playing music with talented musicians. But watching from the audience is second best.

If you have a chance to see these folks play live, take it. I hope they come back to Austin soon.

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